The New York Times essentially becomes PR Firm for anti-Semitic congresswoman


The New York Times essentially becomes PR Firm for anti-Semitic congresswoman

The New York Times essentially becomes PR Firm for anti-Semitic congresswoman

Apparently, The New York Times has decided to help Anti-Semitic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar repair her public image. Bari Weiss recently published an article for the outlet suggesting Omar may simply be “sincerely befuddled,” blaming Omar’s past anti-Semitic comments on confusion instead of hate. By allowing Omar to play stupid, The New York Times has essentially become complicit in Omar’s past Anti-Semitic remarks.

As a Jewish American, I found Weiss’ article especially revolting. Weiss, also Jewish, essentially chose to defend her left-leaning politics over the dignity of the Jewish people. It’s no secret that Omar’s recent appointment to the Foreign Affairs Committee by Democratic leadership was extremely controversial, and Democrats are desperately attempting damage control.

In 2012, Omar tweeted that Israel was evil, and accused the nation of “hypnotizing” the planet. When recently asked about the tweet by CNN, Omar pretended to be unaware of the surrounding controversy. Omar has been repeatedly asked about the tweet in the past, and the controversy was brought up countless times during her congressional run. Omar refused to apologize for the anti-Semitic tweet.

Although Weiss mentions the CNN interview in her article, she’s more than happy to play along with Omar’s feigned shock about the controversy. After all, the entire narrative of her recent article is that Omar may simply be unaware of how insanely offensive her comments are. In order to push that narrative, Weiss must mislead her readers into believing that Omar was unaware of the controversy surrounding her comments.

Over the course of several years, Omar has consistently refused to apologize for her tweets. She also supports a boycott of all Israeli goods and services, commonly referred to as the BDS movement. Omar has never advocated a boycott of any other nation, and that’s because she is an anti-Semite.

Although Weiss had no issue defending the repulsive comments of an Anti-Semite, she did have some harsh words for one person. Weiss attacked President Trump in the article for his use of the term “globalism.” Weiss absurdly claims the term is anti-Semitic, despite the fact that President Trump’s daughter Ivanka is Jewish.

Omar took to Twitter shortly after Weiss released her article to claim that she was, indeed, “sincerely befuddled.” Omar tweeted to Weiss that she was “sincerely befuddled and not simply deflecting” in her interview to CNN. Weiss responded to Omar’s tweet by promoting an upcoming event in New York. The entire article and apology was a blatantly coordinated act between Weiss and Omar, raising numerous ethical concerns in the process.

Omar is still refusing to apologize for the tweet, opting instead to simply retweet someone who claims she isn’t anti-Semitic. She is, however, continuing to defend her past anti-Semitism. She tweeted Wednesday in an attempt to validate her past accusation of Israel being evil, raising even more concerns in the process. She said all war is evil, even when justified. Perhaps Omar is simply “sincerely befuddled” about World War II, when the United States and its allies defeated Germany and ended the Holocaust.

Bari Weiss’ recent New York Times article is more than an embarrassment to journalism. It’s a shallow defense of an anti-Semite, acting as disaster control for the Democratic Party. Weiss and The New York Times should be ashamed of themselves.

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