Mortal Kombat 11 stress test beta: Complete move list & fatality guide


Mortal Kombat 11 stress test beta: Complete move list & fatality guide

Mortal Kombat 11 stress test beta: Complete move list & fatality guide

Here is the comprehensive move list for each of the three available characters. We have included the special move list, brutality guide, and fatality guide for both the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. PS4 inputs are in the parenthesis. Keep in mind that some special moves are only available with certain character variations or by unlocking the abilities via the customization menu.


Special Move List

Blade Spark – Down, Back, X (SQUARE)

Blade Charge – Back, Forward, Y (TRIANGLE)

Chop Chop – Down, Back, A (X) *Can be extended by rapidly tapping A (X)*

Baraka-Serker – Back, Forward, X (SQUARE)

War Banner – Down, Back, B (CIRCLE)

Baraka Barrage – Down+Forward+A (X)

Blood Lunge – Back, Forward, Y (TRIANGLE)

Spine Burst – Down, Back, A (X)

Leg Kabob – Back, Forward, B (CIRCLE)

War Banner Charge – Back, Forward, A (X)

Gutted – Back, Forward, B (CIRCLE)


Food For Thought (Close) – Back, Down, Back, Y (TRIANGLE)

Rock, Paper, Baraka (Close) – Back, Forward, Back, A (X)


Food – Hold B (CIRCLE) During Leg Kabob

Split in Two – Hold X (SQUARE) During Blade Spark

Tastes Like Fear – Hold Forward+Left Bumper (L1) During Throw

Food for the Warriors – Hold Y (TRIANGLE) During Blood Lunge


Special Move List

Bloodshot – Back, Forward, Y (TRIANGLE)

Blood Ball – Down, Back, Y (TRIANGLE)

Blood Spatter – Back, Forward, A (X)

Retch-Rebution – Back, Forward, B (CIRCLE)

Blood Trail – Down, Back, A (X)

Cell Siphon – Back, Forward, B (CIRCLE)

Killer Clot – Down, Back, A (X)

Blood Ritual – Down, Back, X (SQUARE)

Red Rain – Down, Down, Y (TRIANGLE)

Krimson Shield – Down, Down, A (X)

Red Mist – Down, Back, B (CIRCLE)

Boiling Point – Back, Forward, B (CIRCLE)

Dagger Dance – Down, Back, X (SQUARE)

Blood Tentacle – Down, Back, B (CIRCLE)

+ Close Blood Tentacle – Press Back After Input

+ Far Blood Tentacle – Press Forward After Input

Bloodport – Down, Up

+ Bloodport In Front – Press Back After Input

+ Bloodport Behind – Press Forward After Input


Bloody Mess (Mid) – Forward, Back, Down, A (X)

Heart Kondition (Mid) – Down, Down, Forward, B (CIRCLE)


Bad Blood – Hold Y (TRIANGLE) During Throw

Gutted – Hold Forward+Left Bumper (L1) During Throw

Melting – Hold Right Trigger (R2) During Amplified Blood Trail at Sweeping Distance


Special Move List

Spear – Back, Forward, X (SQUARE)

Hell Port – Down, Back, A (X)

Hell Flame – Down, Forward, X (SQUARE)

Demon Breath – Down, Forward, A (X)

Demon Dash – Back, Forward, Y (TRIANGLE)

Death Spin – Down, Forward, B (CIRCLE)

Burning Spear – Down, Back, B (CIRCLE)

Misery Blade – Down, Back, X (SQUARE)

Demon Slam – Down+Left Bumper (L1)

(Air) Sin Blade – Down+Y (TRIANGLE)

(Air) Hell Port – Down, Back, A (X)

(Air) Demon Slam – Down+Left Bumper (L1)


You’re Next (Far) – Back, Down, Down, X (SQUARE)

Chain Reaction (Mid) – Down, Forward, Back, Y (TRIANGLE)


Ashes – Hold Back+Left Bumper (L1) During Away Throw

Burn – Hold A During Demon Breath


Be sure to let us know in our comment section if we missed anything!

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