Media apologizes for pushing fake Buzzfeed story, immediately promotes more fake news


Media apologizes for pushing fake Buzzfeed story, immediately promotes more fake news

Media apologizes for pushing fake Buzzfeed story, immediately promotes more fake news

On Friday, nearly every 24-hour news network was breathlessly reporting on a Buzzfeed article that contained numerous allegations against the president. According to Buzzfeed, their reporting was based on documents obtained from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office. Late Friday evening, Robert Mueller’s office released a statement saying Buzzfeed’s reporting was “not accurate.”

Media outlets began slowly walking back the countless outrageous comments made throughout the day. Across every network, anchors reassured viewers that their reporting of Buzzfeed’s article was a minor overreaction. It was not evidence of a wider problem of media outlets presenting fake information to viewers, they assured home audiences.

Of course, the media’s promotion of an article from a notoriously unreliable news source raised many questions. Numerous Buzzfeed authors have been caught plagiarizing their content, and the site regularly uses untrue headlines in an attempt grab the attention of audiences. Commonly referred to as a “click-bait” site, many viewers were highly skeptical of the report’s promotion across the media even before it was repudiated by Mueller’s team.

Numerous critics of the media’s promotion of the discredited story have also pointed out NBC/Universal/Comcast’s affiliation with Buzzfeed. The corporate giant has invested nearly half a billion dollars into Buzzfeed. Critics say NBC’s financing of Buzzfeed points to a concentrated effort by the massive corporation to create fabricated stories that can be promoted across 24-hour news networks.

After promising viewers that Friday’s promotion of the discredited Buzzfeed report should not be interpreted as a sign of dishonesty among the media, another fake story was immediately promoted over the weekend. According to countless articles and television anchors, some school kids in “Make America Great Again” hats were caught on video harassing a Native American man in Washington DC. Many in the media claimed the teens could be heard yelling racist taunts.

A full length video of the confrontation shows the claims to be untrue. It turns out, the Native American man approached the students. The students are never heard making any racist comments, even though several are hurled at them. These facts did not prevent the media from promoting another fake news story, falsely slandering children on a school trip as racists.

The media didn’t just slander these kids, the media jeopardized their safety. These children, labeled as racists, were put into the crosshairs of an online mob. Numerous posts were made across social media attempting to obtain the identities of the students in the video. Countless people threatened physical violence against the kids.

Vile threats of violence against the children featured in the video were not only made by random degenerates, but also by high profile individuals in the media. Disney affiliated film producer Jack Morrissey suggested the children should be thrown in a wood chipper, hat first. Former CNN host Reza Aslan said on Twitter that he wanted to punch one of the children.

The past few days have been more than an absolute embarrassment for the media, it has been an opportunity for the media to show their true colors. This incident has demonstrated that many in the media are far more interested in pushing an agenda than presenting a truthful account of events. The media’s recent behavior also illustrates the importance of smaller nonpartisan outlets, where visitors can rely on honest journalism.

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