CNN’s young national security analyst comes from Goldman Sachs, never served in military


CNN’s young national security analyst comes from Goldman Sachs, never served in military

CNN’s young national security analyst comes from Goldman Sachs, never served in military

After evaluating CNN National Security Analyst Samantha Vinograd’s resume on LinkedIn, it has become apparent that the news network is greatly exaggerating Vinograd’s qualifications. Vinograd’s description by CNN as a national security expert is unreasonable by any standard. The young CNN analyst never served in the military, and worked in “national security” for less than four years before joining Goldman Sachs.

According to Vinograd’s resume, she immediately began working for the government after graduating college. She held various positions in the US Treasury before joining the Obama administration’s National Security Council, leaving for Goldman Sachs less than four years later. It’s unclear how much national security experience Vinograd actually received during that time. Considering she ended her national security career as an advisor to an advisor, the answer is probably not much.

When then-President Obama replaced National Security Advisor Tom Donilon with Susan Rice, Vinograd’s “career” in national security was over. Perhaps the incoming National Security Advisor wasn’t as impressed by Vinograd’s resume as CNN or Donilon. Vinograd left the White House to work for Goldman Sachs as a vice president, where she remained for over three years.

After leaving Goldman Sachs, Vinograd found employment as a senior advisor to the Biden Institute. Vinograd is still currently listed as a senior advisor to the institute, while employed as a CNN national security analyst, raising numerous ethical concerns. Perhaps it’s Vinograd’s access to Joe Biden, and his potential upcoming campaign, that motivated CNN to hire Vinograd.

CNN has another obvious incentive for inaccurately portraying Vinograd as a national security expert, as she despises President Trump. Vinograd’s animosity toward the president is on full display nearly every day on the network. Undoubtedly, Vinograd will continue to praise Democrats and bash Republicans as the 2020 election approaches.

CNN regularly implies that Vinograd has served in the military, and she often attempts to speak for the troops. Vinograd recently claimed that President Trump’s visit to Iraq was insulting to the troops, and considering Vinograd never served in the military, she has no frame of reference to make a comment like that. As is often the case, Vinograd and CNN were clearly attempting to imply to their viewers that Vinograd had served in the military.

Vinograd has defended the wars in Iraq and Libya, suggesting the world is safer as a result. Since President Trump announced a withdraw of US troops in Syria, Vinograd has started using her Twitter account to promote every attack ISIS commits in the country. CNN’s national security analyst has basically become a cheerleader for the terrorist organization on social media.

It became apparent that CNN might be misleading viewers about their young national security analyst for obvious reasons. She still supports failed foreign policies of the past, and appears entirely unable to form any coherent suggestions to improve the country’s national security. Instead, Vinograd exists exclusively on CNN to attack the foreign policy decisions of President Trump.

It’s blatantly clear from Vinograd’s resume, and her past comments, that CNN is wildly misrepresenting her as an expert in national security. CNN’s deceitful use of the title demonstrates their lack of respect for their viewers, and their indisputable desire to push a political narrative. However, considering CNN just spent the weekend slandering school kids, it’s unlikely the network has any integrity left to lose.

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