Mess of Media is intended for audiences that want to stay informed about current events, without having to check the news multiple times a day. We simply focus on the most important stories of the week.

Our readers stay informed about the latest world events, even if they only visit our website a few times a month. That’s because there’s no need to sort through the articles, trying to find relevant topics. Each article represents the biggest news story of the day.

Mess of Media strives to present non-biased coverage of the latest news and online trends, allowing our readers to form their own opinions.  While countless other sites peddle in click-bait and sensationalism, Mess of Media takes a different approach.  We focus on bringing you meaningful content, summarizing information quickly and without a partisan narrative.

Mess of Media also provides insightful editorials, which are clearly identified as such. While our “opinion” articles are held to the same high standard as the rest of our site, we go out of our way to label any content that presents the personal views of the author.

We sort through the mess of media to provide you the facts, allowing you to form your own opinions.

Mark Alan
Ryan Kass
Brandon Bly
Vice President/Reporter