Mess of Media strives to present non-biased coverage of the latest news and online trends, allowing readers to form their own opinions.  While countless other sites peddle in click-bait and sensationalism, Mess of Media takes a different approach.  We focus on bringing you meaningful content, summing up information quickly and without a partisan narrative.

Mess of Media also provides insightful editorialized content, all of which is clearly labeled as opinion.  While our opinion articles are held to the same high standard as the rest of our site, we go out of our way to label any content that presents the personal views of the author.

Instead of covering endless depressing news stories, Mess of Media prefers to promote positive content.  Although it is necessary to occasionally report on disturbing events, Mess of Media does not go out of its way to present negative content.  There is enough of that on the internet.

We sort through the mess of media to provide you with the relevant information.

Mark Alan
Ryan Kass
Brandon Bly
Vice President/Reporter